Big Lazy, Lyric Hall Theater, New Haven, CT 12/3/16

After seeing Dinosaur Jr. in NYC on Thursday and having a big show coming up on Sunday, I planned on staying in and finishing up an article on Saturday night. My friend, who is a musician himself, insisted that I scrap that idea and go see  a band at Lyric hall, in New Haven. He promised me that I would be blown away. You can imagine that I’ve heard that before. In the short time that I’ve been blogging I get music sent to me on almost a  daily basis. Some of it is really good, some of it is really bad, and most falls somewhere in the middle. I’ve yet to have a band recommended to me that blew my mind. That all changed on Saturday night.

Big lazy are an instrumental trio from Brooklyn , New York. They’ve been together for 20 years and have released 4 albums.
This band includes some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever heard. Band leader Stephen Ulrich  plays guitar like it’s bleeding directly from his soul while bassist Andrew Hall  adds to this gorgeous sound with some of the most dark and perfect upright bass I’ve ever heard. Drummer Yuval Lion backs this brilliance with a steady and soulful beat.
The bands sound is hard to describe. Both gothic and modern, dark, yet light.It takes you a song or two to actually realize you are listening to something you have never, ever heard before. In a world full of soulless pop and grandiose guitar riffs, they stand apart from the crowd beyond reason. While instrumental music is often overlooked for its beautiful sound but lack of story, Big Lazy proves that words are not necessary to spin beautiful tales of darkness and light, all without uttering a single syllable. The music of Big Lazy evokes a dark, gritty world to which you feel transported almost immediately. This music brings you directly into places you have only seen in the movies or in the darkest recesses of your mind. You can almost feel the night air enveloping you as your footsteps quicken to escape the evil you just know is following behind you in the night. But just when you think this beautiful darkness is all you can expect, they blow you away with everything from bluesy riffs, to riotous rockabilly romps. This band is a true original.
This is not music that is over thought or overdone, yet it paints pictures so vividly with every song they play,  you leave the show feeling as though you’d watched something  just as beautiful, gut wrenching and unforgettable as any play or movie you’ve ever seen. Because without the tiniest voice or softest whisper, you have.