Fairfield Theatre Company welcomes band with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist singer

On May 26, The Fairfield Theatre Company will welcome the band X. What’s the big deal, you may ask? I’ll tell you.

As one of the most important bands in my life, I was devasted some years back when I found out that singer Exene Cervenka was a batshit crazy Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist. The pain I felt when learning of this disgusting development was beyond measure. I loved this band. Really loved them. For decades.

When I contacted the Fairfield Theatre Company after learning the band would be playing there, they had no idea about Exene’s past remarks and were so concerned that they contacted the bands management. I applaud them for taking this so seriously. But somehow management was able to convince them that Exene was sorry for the things she’s done and said. The venue even shared the email of the bands manager  with me , telling me he was looking forward to clarifying . While I knew in my gut that the “apology” would not be genuine, I didn’t even get one of those. Instead, I got “I’d like to tell you that those things were never said, but we both know they were” coupled by The unbelievable  “I hope you can find  it in yourself to allow people their faults”.

Seriously? We all have faults. We all act like assholes sometimes and we all deserve opportunities to forgive and be forgiven. This is different. Sandy Hook victims and their families suffer to this day from the effects of the lies these crazy people spread about the tragedies of that day. Families are harassed, threatened and bullied. They aren’t allowed the chance to mourn in peace. They are attacked and shamed to the point that many have had to move multiple times. These families suffered the greatest loss imaginable. And people like Exene Cervenka have attacked them.

Exene  had a YouTube channel in 2014 where she posted all of this madness. She took it down when she realized it would be the end of career if she didn’t. She made vague apologies but still rants about conspiracies , albeit more guardedly and with no more mention of Sandy Hook. She’s not sorry. She’s not. And it’s a slap in the face of our community to have her play here. Who’s next, Alex Jones?