The Connecticut music scene for musicians.

The coast of Connecticut is chock full of incredible music. From Stamford to New Haven, there is great listening to be had 7 nights per week. From large venues like College Street Music Hall to tiny little gems like Cafe Nine in New Haven, some of the best bands and musicians in the country are here to play for music fans of every genre.
One of the most fun ways to enjoy music interactively around the coast is to attend open jam nights. They are everywhere and if you so desired, you’d be able to find them just about every night of the week.
Some are wildly entertaining and very open and inclusive, some are up and coming, and some, unfortunately, are teeming with those “musicians” that are self serving, unwelcoming and abundant with mediocrity. And worse, pocket the money for bringing in the customers and don’t pay the bands they bring in to play before or after the jam.
The best of the bunch offer a place for musicians to feel welcome and unafraid to be who they are. Newcomers are welcomed onstage without hesitation and blend right into the fold of fellow music lovers, regardless of who they know and who is running the show. Many types of music are explored and everyone is always looking to hear something new and fresh in addition to the classics.
On the other end of the spectrum, we find venues that host the same people weekly and offer little to no diversity in what’s being played. While having the same crowd at an open jam night is not in and of itself a bad thing, it often lends itself to self importance and self indulgence. These are the type of venues where you are most likely to hear all of your favorite classics, played the same way and by the same people week after week after week until you silently hope that you’ll never have to hear any of them ever again. They are the places that shame bands and musicians for being too loud or too quiet or in some other way not up to the cookie cutter crap that comes out of them week after week. Where people running the show are so narcissistic and so full of nepotism that you’ll watch the same fools drone on and on so blindly unaware of their second ( or third)-rate performances that it floors you that anyone ever lets them sing anywhere other than the shower. Or worse, hire bands to play at the jam and pocket all the money!( You know who you are and should be ashamed of yourselves).
I believe that anyone with an instrument and a desire to play, should be welcomed, regardless of stellar or not so stellar talent. But when a venue and those running it are so mean spirited and so clueless as to what a music scene should embrace make others feel inadequate, when the same tone deaf woman or man refuse to allow anyone else their own time on stage it’s no longer about the music, but about the ego.
I’m going to be reviewing these venues in the coming weeks. Please send me your suggestions and please, please go support your local venues. Stick to the ones that make you feel welcome and inspire you! They are all over the place!


  1. Scottish Dave’s in Clinton
    33 Golden in New London


  2. Thank you! What night is the open jam?


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