The last punks standing ; Father Jones Band Black Duck, Westport, CT




Punk rock is dead? I hear it all the time. As a punk girl who attended shows at places such as the iconic CBGB’s at the tender age of 14, I witnessed the scene first hand. As a weekly attendee of Stamford’s famous Anthrax Club and regular interviewer , founder and contributor of an 80’s punk fanzine, I understand what punk really is better than a lot of people. And no. It’s not always about the style of music. ( I mean, bands like Journey and Bon Jovi will NEVER be punk, but Johnny Cash was punk as hell)  But it IS always about the attitude. At their most recent show at the Black Duck, in Westport, CT, the Father Jones Band proved that the punk attitude is alive and well.

The punk spirit reared it gorgeous head when the boys from Father Jones took the stage. Now, the last time I saw the guys play this venue, I know they were told to keep the volume down. I also know that they still played a kick-ass show without compromise. I worried that volume might be an issue this time around. But I was wasting my time. These guys would keep quiet for no one.

The sound was initially really screwed up. Singer/guitarist, Dan McGill could barely hear himself in the monitor, and the sound was nowhere near balanced between the band members. Getting frustrated, McGill kept asking for it to be adjusted. It took a few songs  for that to be accommodated. The band’s first song , the raucous “Town of the Broken Hearted”, proved aggravating to McGill and the band, not only because McGill couldn’t hear, but because the person hosting the show came up to every member of the band to tell them to keep the volume down (in the middle of the performance, on stage. and yes, there was even some finger wagging at drummer Steve Wexler) Despite this scolding McGill was having none of it. “Fuck this! We can’t even be ourselves?”, yelled McGill. “We aren’t supposed to be ourselves? Let’s just not be ourselves. I don’t need this fucking shit”. But the band may no attempt to quiet down. In fact, during their second song “Falls Like Rain” , which is one of my personal favorites, the volume was raised. At one point during the show, McGill picked up his guitar, and with a sly grin, slammed his hand down on the strings, and said “We are supposed to be keeping it down, but I just can’t help myself” and the band began playing even louder. Maybe this band doesn’t belong playing a venue where you have to keep quiet. And why in the hell would they want to?

By no means does the volume diminish the fact that this is one talented bunch of musicians. Drummer Steve Wexler pounds the drums like a man possessed, and Bassist Arthur Cognato, Jr., along with keyboardist John DiSilvio, add tremendous talent to this stellar line-up. With songs, such as ‘Dig My Grave”, which are  as loud and wild as any you’ve ever heard in the punk genre, to beautiful and haunting songs such as “After The Fall” that make you really think, Father Jones is about attitude. They will never back down and they will never compromise. McGill is reminiscent of  a young Johnny Thunders. Take no shit and hold no prisoners. We are going to play our music, the way we want to, with no pretense and no apologies.. If you don’t like it, screw you.

The bands album Town Of The Broken Hearted, is available for purchase on itunes and they are currently working on material. Hold onto your hats, friends. I think the best of these guys is yet to come.